Serve At Bloom

From creating a comfortable environment by serving on our Host Team, to leading the next generation to Jesus by serving in LifeKids or in our youth ministry SWITCH, to crafting a dynamic experience with the Crew — we are all about leading people to become fully-devoted followers of Christ.  There are many ways to use your gifts and get involved in serving at Bloom!

The Dream Team

Everything that takes place to make a Sunday morning happen is done by the Dream Team! This team is all about one thing: serving God by serving others. If you desire a life filled with joy, growth and community, come join the Dream Team!


The 1st Impressions Team are the faces and details you first see between the parking lot and your seat.  Greeting, welcoming, ushering guests to their seats and pouring coffee to name a few.  This team’s responsibility is to create a comfortable and inspiring environment so our guests can relax and enjoy the worship experience!  If you have an eye for detail or love people, this is the team for you!

Contact: Hanna O’Brien

Or Debbie


Leading children to become fully devoted followers of Christ! If you love Jesus and children, we would LOVE to have you join the LikeKids Team! We use resources that make for a fun and organized teaching experience! There are 2 different classrooms you can serve in.

The Garden (Nursing Parents & Age 0-3)

Bloom Church believes in ministering to the needs of every age group, including our littlest members. Our goal is to plant seeds into our littles members, by creating an inviting, fun church environment where they can play and be introduced to a love for Jesus early on. In addition, The Garden will cater to nursing mothers’ needs – a place where they can feel comfortable, gain community, watch their littles play, while having the message available to listen/watch each week.


LifeKids Church (Age 4-9)

Kids love to learn, which is why our classrooms provide interactive learning experiences in a colourful and engaging atmosphere. After participating in worship, your kids will be released to LifeKids Church! The LifeKids Church experience features fun music, video teaching, and activities focused on the Bible and how it applies to our lives. Each week your children will learn:

  • Every day, I can trust Jesus!
  • Every day, I make choices that honour Jesus
  • Every day, I reflect Jesus to others
  • Every day, I am who Jesus says I am

We encourage parents to visit to see what their children are learning as well as fun resources to continue the learning at home.

Contact : Caryl Wiebe:


Are you a talented and experienced musician? Our Worship team plays exciting, progressive worship music every Sunday. For more information on how to be involved, contact Pastor John below.

Contact Pastor John Yoo:


Do you love computers, wires,and all things tech? The tech team is a great place for volunteers who are passionate about using technology to glorify God. From computer novices to tech and IT gurus, there is a place for you on the Tech Team!

Contact Pastor John Yoo:


The function of the Prayer Team at Bloom is to have a gifted, trained and equipped team available before and after the Sunday experience to pray with individuals as they respond to the work of the Holy Spirit in their hearts.

Also, to receive prayer requests through out the week and to meet periodically for coroporate prayer times.

Contact Deanna Sudom:


Baptism Bash Sundays occur several times per year to celebrate new life! These exciting mornings require some preparation during the week leading up to the Bash! We encourage involvement on this team even if you serve on a more regular team.

Contact Pastor Niki Williams:


Serving Communion on those special Sundays. We encourage involvement on this team even if you serve on a more regular team.

Contact Pastor Niki:


This team prepares for special events like Christmas, Easter, 30 Second Theology, At The Movies and Fundraisers by creating an atmosphere unique to the occasion through decorating. If you have an eye for the aesthetically pleasing this is a fun team to serve on and takes place outside of Sundays. We encourage involvement on this team even if you serve on a more regular team.

Contact Rena Faucher


As SWITCH leaders, we are helping to create a church that the next generation will boldly carry into the future!

We exist to lead the next generation to know who God is, understand who they are because of what Jesus did, be engaged in community, and serve others.

The SWITCH Experience is loaded with worship, friends, small groups, and a message geared towards students and their everyday life. Our goal is to create an experience where students can meet Christ and grow in their relationship with Him.

Contact :Nicole Littlefield


If you want to help reach out to empower, encourage and unite women in Regina, Saskatchewan and all of Canada. This Team is for you. Every Year this is Blooms biggest outreach.

We need people to help with

Advertising, outreach, decor, food, door prize collection, Parking lot directing, Make overs and much more.

Contact Pastor Niki Williams:


Know you need to get involved but not sure which team is best for you?? Try our serving sampler! We will schedule you to try any number of teams or positions so you can find the best fit for you!

Contact Pastor Niki Williams:


This team prepares, serves, and cleans up during our Open Door events that happen a few times a year to welcome newcomers to Bloom!

Contact Pastor Niki Williams: